National Operetta Theatre

National Operetta Theatre

The new Operetta Theatre of Bucharest (Romania) has presented its new headquarters.

The “National Operetta Theatre” of Bucharest was destroyed, the first time, by the Romanian ex-dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, who took down the historic building to build his new home. He commissioned a new one as an annex to the National theatre, but once more this was destroyed by a fire in 2005.

The new main building of the “Ion Dacian” National Operetta of Bucharest is a three storey building, over 10,000 square metres large, with an impressive steel and glass façade. It follows a very modern design, where acoustic insulation played an essential part.

The team responsible for building this ambitious project, developed by the Dutch company Trekwerk, chose URSA AIR materials for all the air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. In particular, 4,840 metres of URSA AIR P6058 Al-dB, 25 mm thick, were used.

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