Dortmund Trade College

Dortmund Trade College

The German city of Dortmund has welcomed the building of one of the country’s largest colleges. Built on the former premises of the Union brewery, the campuses named after Robert Schuman and Robert Bosch can accommodate about 6,000 students. Buildings with red brown clinker facades recall the old brewery architecture.

 The building’s facades have been insulated with double-ply URSA GEO insulating boards, type FDP 2/Vs, which help avoid energy waste, keeping the building’s temperature. These panels have a 90 mm thick layer of mineral wool with a rated thermal conductivity of λ = 0.035 W/(mK), are water repellent throughout and laminated with a black glass mat on one side.

Open visual references, interlinked pathways and a differentiated urban concept supported by the use of reddish long-format brick for the façades characterize the design, by the architectural practice Gerber Architekten.

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